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the activity of using the internet to harm or frighten another person, especially by sending them unpleasant messages:

• Schools are required to come up with ways to address cyberbullying.
• In the past ten years, cyberbullying has become increasingly common among students.


The ERASMUS + project entitled “e-safety – e Creativity Networks for Teachers, Parents & Guardians” brings together  a consortium of esteemed partners dedicated to advancing adult education and fostering collaboration on an international scale.

The project is addressed to adults involved with the upbringing, education, and support of children and aims to educate them on the challenges that children face in the digital world and to empower them to be responsible digital citizens, positively influencing the digital readiness and safety of the younger generation.

  1. Cultivate the required Digital Competences of educators, parents/guardians and related professionals to be able to promote and support Digital Readiness, focusing on the thematic areas of Safety from Ιnternet Αddiction and Cyberbullying.

  2. Provide training and counselling support for educators, parents/guardians and related professionals on issues related to the above 2 areas, with focus on the implementation of Empathetic Active Listening techniques that will help them build a relationship of trust, interest, and respect with the children.

internet addiction

Internet addiction is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled preoccupations, urges or behaviours regarding computer use and internet access that lead to impairment or distress.

The condition has attracted increasing attention in the popular media and among researchers, and this attention has paralleled the growth in computer (and Internet) access.

Internet safety

Internet safety, also known as online safety, cyber safety and electronic safety
refers to the policies, practices and processes that reduce the harms to people that are enabled by the (mis)use of information technology.

• As the number of internet users continues to grow worldwide, internets, governments, and organizations have expressed concerns about the safety of children and teenagers and the elderly using the Internet.
• Over 45% have announced they have endured some sort of cyber-harassment.


have been affected globally by school closures

During the pandemic and until today, more than 1 billion children have been affected globally by school closures. The transition to digital learning and the deprivation of school’s social life, resulted to an increase in the screen time which, in turns, resulted to an increase in the exposure to cyber risk: according to the Child Online Safety Index (COSI), almost 60% of 145,426 children aged 8-12 surveyed across 30 countries are exposed to one or more forms of cyber risk, amounting to a ‘cyber pandemic’.


of children online

across the surveyed countries are affected by cyberbullying



reputational risks


are exposed

to violent and sexual content



cyber threats



risky contact such as offline meetings with strangers or sexual contact

In 2021, Bark (a parental control tool) analyzed more than 3.4 billion messages across texts, email, and 30+ apps and social media platforms. Below are some of Bark's findings during those 12 months:


72.09% of tweens and 85.00% of teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness.


32.11% of tweens and 56.40% of teens engaged in conversations about depression.

Sexual content:

68.97% of tweens and 90.73% of teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.

Self-harm / suicide:

43.09% of tweens and 74.61% of teens were involved in a self-harm/suicidal situation.

Drugs / alcohol:

75.35% of tweens and 93.31% of teens engaged in conversations surrounding drugs/alcohol.


80.82% of tweens and 94.50% of teens expressed or experienced violent subject matter/thoughts.


9.95% of tweens and 20.54% of teens encountered predatory behaviors from someone online.

Disordered eating:

1.96% of tweens and 7.66% of teens engaged with or encountered content about disordered eating.


19.69% of tweens and 42.05% of teens used language or were exposed to language about anxiety.

GR net

GRNET S.A. – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology operating since 1998, is one of the largest public sector technology companies in Greece. Since August 2019, it operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Governance

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