The Launch event of the  ERASMUS+ Project “Cooperation Partnerships in Adult EducationeSafety – eCreativity Network for Teachers, Parents & Guardianscoordinated by the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) was completed successfully on Wednesday, 21st February 2024 at 16:00 – 18:00 EET.

A total of 213 participants attended the event, 193 online and 20 with physical attendance.

The event started with opening remarks by: Prof. S. Kollias, President, GRNET, Prof. S. Doukakis, Chair Hellenic Institute of Educational Policy, C. Yannopoulos, President of the Board of Directors, The Smile of the Child, V. Petuya, President, European Parents’ Association and A. Liopetriti, Senior Project Manager, Center for Social Innovation.

The Launch event was coordinated by K. Kyprianou, Head of Division, Development of Digital Competencies, GRNET, who provided an overview of the project and its specific objectives. Then, all consortium partners, dedicated to advancing adult education and fostering collaboration on an international scale, presented the project deliverables. More specifically:

  • M. Prendaki, Scientific Associate of the eLearning Lab University of Crete presented the development of the educational content,
  • D. Thanopoulou, Coordinator of Academy for Education & Training “Smile Academy” presented the establishment of an e-Counseling centre and
  • C. Aposkitis, CEO Medion7 presented the development of the eLearning and Gamification platform.
  • The dissemination and sustainability plan and activities were presented by B. Grammatikopoulos,  CEO EU-ROM SRL.

The event concluded with a round table highlighting the importance of a unified approach to internet safety for kids followed by all stakeholders.  The panellists consisted of: E. Vitalaki, Special Laboratory Teaching Staff, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, University of Crete, I. Gkika, Psychologist, Coordinator of Center for Internet Safety and E. Odysseos, Vice-president of European Parents’ Association.

Some key points regarding the project that were highlighted during the event are:

  • The scope of the project is to address Digital Transformation through the development of digital readiness with focus on Internet Safety. Specifically the two thematic axis that the project will focus on are Internet Addiction and Cyberbullying
  • The project’s aim is to provide adults involved in the education, upbringing and  well-being of children with  the knowledge, skills and tools to be role models for the children and to support and guide children with their engaging with the digital world
  • The project focuses on the development of a network of learning, creativity and collaboration among stakeholders for the exchange of knowledge, advice and ideas
  • The main deliverables of the project are: the development of interactive educational material, the development of an Intelligent e-learning platform with the features of a social network platform to be used for all trainings and the development of an e-counselling centre for the continuous support on challenges and issues regarding the two thematic axis

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